«What is night NEMTSOV bridge?»

From February 7, 2016 year
Moscow, Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge («Nemtsov» bridge)

«What is night NEMTSOV bridge?»
Original «Ночной Немцов мост»
Author Каринэ

Probably for me in the first place some kind of peace. Around quiet, very quiet. And yet it is support each other. I (for many it will sound strange) against the winter night shifts, but I am on duty, and probably will continue to be on night duty. Why? It is prohibited to leave a person on the bridge at night alone. It’s simply dangerous. So the night bridge for me — it is solidarity with friends and strangers, with those whom I already know well and those whom have yet to know. And yet it is long conversations, and sometimes you can learn about people, it is interesting and unusual. Will you less respect and love the person after. No. If he tells you about it, then it’s in the past.


What else is the night bridge for me? This stunning beauty of the sunrises. Most likely, you didn’t see these sunrises and do not know the true beauty of my beloved Moscow. It’s kind of magical. I’m waiting for the time when the sunrise will be at 6 o’clock in the morning to enjoy again and again the sunrise on this unusual place. And yet the bridge- a place of attraction for many good people. No, not a regular get-together (as young people would say), its meeting with very interesting people, with those whom you may not know, but will know and love.


But all this poetry. Let’s move on to the main.

The bridge – firstly is an island of freedom. Small-small, if you want, not even an island, old boat , which, most likely, it doesn’t take anywhere.
But it exist and you can hold to it in order to stay floating in an ocean of horror and hopelessness of the world.

This means that the bridge — it’s a place of resistance. Not mass, its individual, largely internal.

30-01-2016-most-023Pictures-Victoria Krasovskaya

And the bridge — it is a memory of the person I don’t know personally. Only a few demonstrations … who was killed, in fact, for all of us, for the country. Who resisted and was killed for this reason. Who we will be, if we forget about it !?

30-01-2016-most-041Photos-Pavel Ryabov

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  1. Молодец, Каринэ! Каринэ — душа сообщества Немцов мост. Удивительный человек всегда с улыбкой, всегда немногословна. Глядя на нее, Вы ни за что не подумаете о плохом, она излучает тепло и даже не заботу — зхащиту

    Нравится 1 человек

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