Nemtsov: «Putin will be hated like Hitler»

Boris Nemtsov’s speech
“Moskovskiy Komsomolets” press centre, 26 February 2015

On 26 February 2015, a round table was held at the MK press centre at which Nikolay Mironov, CEO of the Institute of Priority Regional Projects, presented a sociological study entitled ‘Which opposition does society trust?’

«You have been trained by this master to lie, and you do so with varying degrees of talent. But keep in mind: he is an old man, he will leave. And you still have to live. And look your children, your grandchildren in the eyes. And tell them what you said and how you behaved in the presence of this scoundrel».

«And when Putin is gone and we still have the transcript of today’s meeting, I will be very interested to have everyone here listen to it all over again…»

  • Boris Nemtsov at his last public appearance at the “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” newspaper, 26 February 2015.

The press conference on 26 February on the theme ‘What kind of opposition does society trust’ attracted an unexpectedly small number of journalists. It turned out that there were even more speakers than colleagues…

From the “RPR-Parnas” party there was Boris Nemtsov.
Boris Nemtsov came in late, sat on the edge, was frequently distracted by calls and even left the room to talk.
Tall, trim, in jeans and a blue jumper, he was a stark contrast to the others in jackets and suits. He was the last to be given the floor.

Putin will be hated like Hitler


I have no doubts about the professionalism of sociologists.
Basically, under conditions of information terror, endless lies, manipulation, public opinion is very much deformed and infinitely different from the truth, because, in fact, the manipulator in charge, surnamed Putin, is deliberately duping the Russian people. This research, it fully reflects what he has done to the mass consciousness. Basically, it is an information terror, it is a crime and, of course, the mocking of people will have to be accounted for, including the mocking in terms of such endless deception and manipulation.

What we see here (Sociological research) is a reflection of what television shows in full.
The high rating of the so-called parliamentary opposition parties is understandable because these parties support Putin’s policies and are therefore admitted to the agitprop and are constantly broadcasting on it, incidentally, doing the same thing as Putin, i.e. duping the Russian people. That is exactly why they are allowed in. So there is nothing surprising here.

The low rating of the so-called leaders of the non-systemic opposition, although this is the only opposition in the country — because it is those who disagree with the course of government (and the course of government is determined not by an ‘iPhone’ named Medvedev, but, naturally, by Putin) …

Those who disagree with Putin are the opposition, so opposition parties simply do not exist in principle within parliament.

The ridiculous demand to make a coalition government under Putin, it is not taken seriously by anyone, because it is obvious that the economic, social, international course is determined by one person in our country. Do you really think Dmitry Medvedev is doing that? Who is he anyway? He even buried Skolkovo, his favourite project…
It is therefore obvious that the inflated ratings of the so-called opposition parliamentarians are all man-made.

I can assure you that if the non-systemic opposition were allowed on television, sociologists would record exactly the opposite result.

Now, what is important in this study fundamentally for us is that most of our demands with which we are going to “Vesna” march, are supported by the people as a whole.
The fact is that fooling people, saying that «corruption» is a good thing is quite difficult. To fool people, saying that war with Ukraine is a good thing is quite difficult. And even more powerful than the Goebbels’ agitprop — Putin’s agitprop — cannot do it.

It is clear that if you look at the research on just Ukraine, there is a very important note from sociologists that people do not understand what «stopping the war and any aggressive actions against Ukraine» means.
Sociologists record this, and in general it is correct.

The fact is that Putin started a war with Ukraine a year ago by seizing Crimea, then he illegally sent troops there, he incites hatred, he is fully responsible for the massacre between Russians and Ukrainians and will of course answer for it. But they do not say a word about it on TV, presenting it as a civil war between the Zhidobandera and the Russian world. All this is a complete lie. We know the graves of dead soldiers, we know what weapons Putin supplies to fuel this war, we know that he is responsible for the killing of more than five thousand people and he will answer for it.

As far as peace is concerned, of course the majority of citizens are in favour of peace, this is obvious. They just don’t understand, because they only watch TV, they don’t understand who the aggressor is and who started it all. The task of the opposition is really to explain it all, it is not easy.

By the way, examples of such, I would say, deceitfulness we have heard around this table today — when they say that fascists and Bandera came to power, I just want to give the representatives of parliamentary parties here two examples so that they stop, at least, believing the lies that Putin is polluting our country with.

Look, there was a presidential election in Ukraine, it was last May, in that election there were representatives of, let’s say, the Banderites — Yarosh and Tyahnybok (one heads the “Svoboda” party, the other heads the “Right Sector”). They together, I stress, these two men, they together got less than one and a half percent of the votes in the presidential election, less than one and a half percent.

The candidate leader of the Ukrainian Jewish Congress, Vadim Rabinovitch, won more than two per cent of the votes in the presidential election, which is more than the two Bandera activists combined.

So, when there were elections to the Rada, it was in October last year, “Right Sector” lost those elections, no one got on the party list to the Rada. And the “Svoboda” party, which was in the Rada before that, also lost those elections.

So when we hear that Bandera and fascists are in power there it is a lie, a lie imposed by Putin and a lie of the so-called parliamentary opposition. Yes, they were indeed on the Maidan, it is true, but none of them got into the running of the country, although many may have wished they could.

Of course, the task of the current opposition is to tell people the truth, namely to tell people that the war with Ukraine, with the brotherly people, was started by Putin, he is continuing it, he is madly afraid of Maidan, he is leading to it by his own insane actions, by the way. And he bears full responsibility for what is happening there.

Further, communicating the truth is not easy. Here, I was not surprised by the figures that awareness of the march on the 1st is quite low. Including among the
seemingly informed Muscovites. Exactly, I understand that among Muscovites 75% don’t know about it, 25% do.

We actually do quite a lot of online work on this topic, it is not enough. There have been some new developments that were not there before, there has been censorship on “Ekho Moskvy”. Censorship is expressed, incredible censorship in fact, this is the first time I am saying this. That is, the videos about the march, even though they were approved by Venediktov, were not allowed through by “Gazprom-Media”.

In other words, whereas previously the issue was resolved at the editorial board level of this radio station, the issue is now being resolved in the Kremlin via “Gazprom-Media”. This has never happened before; of course, this is an incredible story. And even the banner, there is still a discussion about it. We wanted to put a banner on the website. We have been discussing the banner for four days now and I stress once again that Venediktov is naturally in favour, but after the intervention of the Kremlin and “Gazprom”, you know, politics is not all up to him.
So, the regime is madly afraid, of course, of protest actions, it does everything to silence them, and, in fact, sociologists record what we are here to do.

Now. The misrepresentation of the leaders of the non-systemic opposition is effective propaganda, deceitful, mean-spirited and cynical by the authorities.

And it conducts this propaganda exactly against the real opposition, as you understand, and this fictitious opposition, because it supports the authorities, it does not come under such pressure and pressure neither by police nor information, so in fact, it looks quite, shall we say, in the eyes of naive citizens, looks quite, I would say, maybe even positive.

Now, why do I think it is all fake, not in the sociology sense, but in the public opinion sense. Because all of this will turn 180 degrees overnight, I emphasise, overnight, just as any total lie will turn 180 degrees.

In the thirties, the German people were fascinated by Hitler. Now everyone hates Hitler. It will be exactly the same with Putin. Just exactly the same, one to one.

I realise that to talk about this now will seem very unpleasant to some people and so on. In some time, when Putin is gone and we still have the transcript of today’s meeting, I would be very interested to have everyone here listen to it again.

Reps: I worked in the government and they are all Putin’s henchmen, every single one of them.
I am in Russia and I am talking about my homeland.

End of speech.
I literally have two words. I haven’t spoken to representatives of parliamentary parties in a long time.
I wonder at the degree of cowardice and hypocrisy. Listen, stop fooling around! We have no government! We have Putin, who manages everything, including the economy: who to lend to, who not to lend to, who to ship money to, who not to ship money to, which state-owned company to help, which not to help, which rate the Central Bank will keep, which it will not keep, and so on and so forth.
I worked in the government, the Yeltsin government. Yeltsin, due to circumstances you know, first of all illness, could not run the government, so we had an independent government. And I know what is happening now: they cannot make a peep without Putin, none of them.
Why are you making a comedy out of this in front of journalists? Put Zyuganov, Mironov, Zhirinovsky, finally, in any position, they will do nothing, so why are you fooling yourself and the people, why?
By the way, people, according to this study, they understand on some, I would say, sensory-subliminal level that the government has nothing to do with it at all. This is exactly why they do not demand any resignation, not resignation… I understand that there are very few people who want to dismiss the government, according to the survey, right? People understand everything very well — who makes decisions, why they make them.
Next. Undoubtedly, Putin and his satellites will manipulate, the authorities will manipulate the opinion of the people in order to blame, for example, the rise in prices on someone, blame devaluation on someone, blame stopped production, people losing their jobs, people becoming impoverished… Undoubtedly, scapegoats will be found.

With the help of the Duma satellites it will be explained that because of this scoundrel, let’s say Nabiullina or Ulyukayev or someone else, we are in trouble.

So it is all an absolute lie! Putin is to blame for the crisis, he is 100% responsible, I will tell you why. This is the first time we have had a crisis in our country when everything around us is growing: America is growing by 4%, Europe is growing by 1.5%, China is growing by 7%, Japan is growing — only Russia is falling.

That’s right! That’s right! Oil goes down — $60!

I was Minister of Fuel and Energy, oil was ten, ten! Now it’s 60! We have expensive oil! We have the cost of producing oil at $15. We have expensive oil! Sixty dollars is the normal price! If they would steal less, if they would spend less on the war, if they would spend less on countless officials, if they would increase their salaries less. I assure you, we have quite normal oil, I don’t need to tell you about oil, I know a little, better than all of them put together.

So when they tell us here: let’s change someone, let’s change him… Let’s deceive the people, let’s change him! I remember, by the way, how Comrade Zyuganov was scared of being President in 1996. I know Zhirinovsky very well, he is a smart man, cynical and clever, he knows very well that he cannot take any responsibility for the country, he will not go to any government, maybe only to the Fisheries Committee, he wanted in his time, nowhere else. Don’t you get it?
I can tell you what the problem is.

The main problem is that everything they have is based on lies, everything is based on manipulation, everything is based on cynicism, everything is based on total deception. There has never been anything like this in the history of modern Russia. And what I hear now are the echoes of, let us say, quite modest echoes of the lies, manipulation and cynicism, which have been spread for 15 years. From start to finish! There, that’s it, you see! Maidan: the Americans invented Maidan.

It wasn’t the Americans’ idea! It was the thief and crook Yanukovych who drove people mad, and they took to the streets.

The Americans were supportive, no doubt about it. But first, a thief and a crook, and a liar too, forced the people onto the streets. And then they supported it, because at first, there was him.
There is silence about it. Silent, and for a few months he had the opportunity to do everything quietly. And there was a carnival in the beginning, not a Maidan. Songs were sung there, “Ocean Elzy”, the band “Skryabin”, my friends. That’s what was there. And then, when he has refused to hold the elections, has driven people to the verge, then he has involved special services and began shooting, then the blood has started, it is true. And then the nationalists, as they are rightly said here, joined in. But that was afterwards. And when they tell us tales here that Maidan is…, just a lie, from start to finish!

I ask these all the good gentlemen a question: Have you, gentlemen, ever given out money to a million people? Have you ever tried to hand it out to them? What kind of collection trucks have to come to people to hand out a million to all of them, what kind of money were they supposedly there for?

Why do you lie endlessly? Learn to tell the truth just a little bit. You are not in the Duma now. You may not be shown on any channels.

In fact, in my opinion, society and the Duma are just the spawn of some malignant information tumour. You have been taught to lie by this master and you are doing it with varying degrees of talent. Just keep in mind — he is an old man, he will leave, and you still have to live and look your children, grandchildren in the eyes. And tell them that you were with this scoundrel, who started the war with the brotherly country, what you said and how you behaved at that time.

Translated by Georgy Bychkov

Russian variant

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