Why are we here?

Who are we?

Peaceful, unarmed people of democratic convictions. Not extremists, not fascists, not radicals. We, like all normal people, work, raise children, pay taxes, and are engaged in creativity.

We share the convictions of Boris Nemtsov and therefore, unlike our opponents, we use only peaceful methods of political and ideological struggle.

We stand for fair and free elections, for a peaceful solution of all conflicts, for freedom and dignity, for human rights, for an independent court, for the abolition of censorship and free media.


We have lost a person whom we sincerely loved and respected, whom we trusted. This grief is monstrous, and the loss is irreparable. And it’s very hard for us. We go to the Nemtsov Bridge so that we don’t “get lost alone”. It is easier to carry grief together.


The state MUST find and punish customers, organizers, accomplices and perpetrators of the murder. We cannot accept the fact that in the XXI century, in our country, such wonderful people as Boris Nemtsov are killed near the Kremlin walls. Meanly, shots in the back. And no one is responsible for that. We need a normal investigation and real justice.

The truth about the wonderful person

For many years, Nemtsov suffered unfair attacks. Those who pursued him alive, continue to mock him, killed. They destroy the memorial, attack his associates, lie, spread monstrous slander about him… The authorities want Boris to be forgotten forever. So that people would never know what a kind, decent and courageous person he was.

It is disgusting to slander a living person. But a war with a man, killed by shots in the back is generally beyond the bounds of good and evil. And it is impossible to accept this.

Memorial plate at the place of the murder

We are entitled to respect, understanding and compassion. And if in Moscow, they can name a street in honour of Kadyrov or Hugo Chavez, why can’t a small memorial sign be screwed on here, at the site of Nemtsov’s murder?

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