Premier of the film «That doesn’t mean you have to kill him» FILM

Film about Boris Nemtsov

Premier of the film «That doesn’t mean you have to kill him»
Author Leonid S. Martynyuk
Washington, 6 October

Here is text from Leonid S. Martynyuk’s speech at the presentation of his short film about the perpetrators of Boris Nemtsov’s death:

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped to organize this presentation. I am grateful for this opportunity to show you our documentary, which is very important for me. Boris Nemtsov was my colleague and friend. He was a man whom you can rely. I think a matter of honor do not forget and to seek justice. And I will.

I used to work with Boris Nemtsov more than five years. During this time, we had written two reports about Putin’s corruption. And have produced more than 40 videos as part of our project «Lies of Putin’s regime». All these works and projects were based on open and verifiable sources of information available for the audiences.

In Putin’s Russia, it doesn’t take an expert in some kind of secret knowledge in order to conduct political education of the people. To do this, first of all, you need courage. Courage to compare the available information and make a conclusion, which no one else dares to do.

That short documentary that you will see also was created on the same guideline of using only open and verifiable information. Moreover, it is basically the official information; this data is a result of a criminal investigation, which was carried out by Putin’s investigators from the Federal Security Service or FSB.

When Andrei Piontkovsky and I created this film, we set ourselves some specific goals. It should help Russian audience to realize the true nature of the current ruling group in Russia. They are not just thieves. This is widely known among Russians. Russian ruling class – are murders.

As for the Western audience. We would like to convey one simple idea. Every politician from a democratic country. From the USA, the UK, France, Italy, etc., who keeps in touch with Putin, becomes his ally with whom Putin might create a coalition. Every such politician is personally responsible for the legitimization of a murderer who is in the presidential chair.
Putin is a serial killer. The assassinations of journalist Anna Politkovskaya and former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko were also linked to Putin. But no other crime provides such a graphic chain of evidence leading to him.

All what Putin was doing after the murder of Boris Nemtsov was another proof that it was Putin who ordered the murder.
Only Putin could destroy a formal investigation. And instruct the FSB and Investigative Committee to stop the investigation on the executive level.
And only Putin could extend Kadyrov presidential term and raise the political status of Zolotov.
Western leaders should be aware that when they shake hands with Putin, they shake hands with the murderer.



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