Battle to honour slain Putin critic Nemtsov unfolds beneath Kremlin towers

02.02.2016 Andrew Osborn for Reuters Original article, Reuters VIDEO As the Kremlin clock inched toward midnight and the ice-bound river beneath their feet melted, a group of Russians silently stood on the bridge where Boris Nemtsov, the Putin critic and opposition leader, was killed nearly a year ago. "This is about remembering," Boris Kazadayev, 73,... Читать далее →

Olga Lekhtonen: «This is only about God…»

22.03.2015 Olga Lekhtonen wrote at «This is only about God. Because what really matters here is truth, and truth cannot be slain, even by four bullets to the back» Well, after getting enough sleep I finally feel ready to relate what has happened. It was all great. About 150 people came to the memorial. They... Читать далее →

Блог на Тема: Baskerville 2, автор: Anders Noren.

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