The Nemtsov Bridge is awesome!

Moscow, Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge (Nemtsov Bridge)
Duties on 17 and 20 March 2021
Boris Nemtsov Memorial

And again, I will report on the whole week at once. There isn’t enough time to write about everything separately.

The counter shows 2210 days…

And again, I will report on the whole week at once. There isn’t enough time to write about everything separately.

I wasn’t going anywhere on Wednesday morning. A call from Grigory:

– Listen, Valera’s sick. Can you go out tonight with Victor? I gave it some thought:

– Yes, I will try.

That’s how I ended up at Nemtsov Bridge at night, only I was too late. Arrived around one o’clock in the morning. Victor is on the Bridge. He is talking to two men. They are from Bashkiria. They talk well. Great!

They are leaving. We stay.

Almost immediately a guy comes up. He has an Irish scarf. He was celebrating St Patrick’s Day and decided he needed to stop by the Bridge afterwards. A few minutes of very positive conversation and the guy leaves.

A wonderful experience!

And then Vladimir arrived. Delicious tea, sandwiches and talk-talk-talk-talk. I guess that is luxury in the true sense of the word.

Closer to the morning, a young boy and then a girl appeared.

Where do people come from at night? But they do come!

And the conversations started flowing again. Interesting conversations. After a while, the guy left. And the girl stayed. And there was tea again. And again there was talk. Conversations, in many ways, between people close in spirit.

At 6 o’clock I left. I left Victor and the girl, who was fascinated by both the Bridge and Victor; she «drank» this extraordinary aura of the Nemtsov Bridge.

Victor will stay for a few more hours…

I wanted to stay, but … we don’t always do what we want to. It was a very positive night! Thank you!

18.03.2021. Night duty on Nemtsov Bridge (caption to the photo)


The counter shows 2213 days…

Saturday morning. I don’t feel like getting up. I look outside – it’s sunshine. It’s freezing, but it smells like spring.

By 9am I find myself at the Memorial. I replace Marina. There are quite a lot of people. Tour buses show up. And all around is the sun. It almost doesn’t warm up, but it caresses me nicely and time passes quickly with it.

A group of young people, almost children, show up. They look, read, take pictures. Then they go back where they came from. So they came especially to the Memorial. One guy asks the other:

– Why did you bring us here?

– The Nemtsov Bridge is cool,» follows the reply.

The memorial is beautiful. All the flowers are fresh. They are beautifully arranged in vases.

The police walk by. Usually a policeman and, most likely, a trainee. The shift is being raised.

And people come to the Memorial. They stop. They read.

At 11 o’clock the shift from Solidarity comes in — Yuri. And I’m hung up on Memorial.

We talk and talk and talk about our current situation and the future, and about artificial intelligence.

And then Vadim comes in.

Vadim was detained on Bridge on Friday — he has a fine (a terrible offence) which he has already paid. He tells about it, tells about the 13 March detentions of municipal deputies. Interesting.

Meanwhile, a lad and an elderly man approach. They bring red carnations independently of each other.

People continue to carry flowers. The People’s Memorial continues to operate. I didn’t go to the picket any more.

Such has been the week. A splendid week, a week of human interaction.

20.03.2021. Morning duty on Nemtsov Bridge (photo caption)

© Karina Starostina

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