Olga Lekhtonen: «This is only about God…»

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«This is only about God. Because what really matters here is truth, and truth cannot be slain, even by four bullets to the back»

Well, after getting enough sleep I finally feel ready to relate what has happened.

It was all great. About 150 people came to the memorial. They were zealous and ready to work as one big team. There were no excuses offered, there was no hesitation.It was as if they’d always been doing this job. After we had lit the candles , we set the sign with the words ‘Nemtsov Bridge’. The sign is blue, as everything in sight on Moscow’s buildings must be this color.

I’d give anything just for there no longer to be a reason to hang the sign. I’ve still got a book on Yaroslavl sitting on my shelf. On the bridge there’s still in place something we call a mourning calendar, which counts the days since Boris was murdered. I still remember how I felt when I first saw our duty gyus removing the flowers from the memorial. I was totally devastated. What I saw has been eating me ever since. In any case, I’ve overcome my fear and found my courage. I’ve always had to find strength within myself.
Now the tragic venue is decorated with a set of heart-shaped candles, and a photograph of Boris is tightly fixed within the bridge’s structure. Right next to a rampart we’ve got two thick folders with files: each has a photograph of Boris on the cover and letters from his FB followers.

Is it really possible for someone to keep from crying after seeing these things? How can anyone ignore the coming together of love, devastation, and mourning, when these have been joined to create something yet to be defined, deeper and more profound?

I also made my own contribution—a small bunch of white crown daisies and four red roses.

We were somewhat relieved by the unusual absence of the ever present police patrols typically sent to control our activities. We were reminded of this exception when that night a prowl car pulled in close to the bridge.

I just want to say how much I am grateful to Boris Nemtsov, the whole world and all of you. You are making your stand on the bridge, and it is wonderful. I am also thankful to those who cannot physically be here, but who have left a piece of their soul. Thank you for bringing candles, flowers, and for helping us to change dates on our ‘calendar’. Once again, I wish to express my deepest gratitude. All of you make me feel hopeful that our country still has a chance, even if it is the smallest chance, for a better future. So long as there are even only a few of us striving to see the light at the end of the tunnel, not all has been lost. Because as is said in the Bible, the Lord Almighty will save the city so long as there remains at least a single righteous soul.

There still remains a possibility that either God or the universe (choose the term you like) will one day save our country, now gone completely insane. The winds of change may still blow from the bridge, to open up the darkness and rip apart the blackness.

Get a grip FSB! This time it is not about making a revolution. This is only about God. Because what really matters here is truth, and truth cannot be slain, even by four bullets to the back. Boris always used to say that the only thing real in this world, the only thing that matters, is truth, not religion. He is the President for us and he will always be in our hearts…

Translated by Valeria Zenyakina and David A Turpin Jr

Original at Olga’s Lekhtonen Facebook

The text in Russian at this site: «Не в силе Бог, а в правде»

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