Remembering a Russian champion of freedom

27.02.2020 Nemtsov Washingtonpost Remembering a Russian champion of freedom By Michael McFaul Contributing columnist Feb. 27, 2018 Today the city of Washington will rename a square in honor of Boris Nemtsov, the brilliant Russian reformer who was struck down by an assassin’s bullet in Moscow on this date in 2015. The naming ceremony is an … Читать далее Remembering a Russian champion of freedom

«What is night NEMTSOV bridge?»

From February 7, 2016 year Moscow, Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge ("Nemtsov" bridge) «What is night NEMTSOV bridge?» Original «Ночной Немцов мост» Author Каринэ Probably for me in the first place some kind of peace. Around quiet, very quiet. And yet it is support each other. I (for many it will sound strange) against the winter night … Читать далее «What is night NEMTSOV bridge?»